Whether you need a completely new network installed, or an upgrade to your existing network, the best approach is to have a design that captures your thought process from the beginning to the end.

Our Design team is highly skilled with years of experience and pre-requisite knowledge in building simple processes for complex networks.

Our expertise enables us see through the entire process for the design end to end and help guide our clients through by providing the following key documentation:

  • High Level Design Document
  • Low Level Design Document
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) creation and validation. (If not already generated)


Our premium audit service comprises of a Network and Security check on the client’s infrastructure.

Today’s fast paced technology environment involves IT Governance, change management, technology adoption monitoring and consistent documentation.

While this is a critical requirement for evolving networks, we at Hudehtech also understand that co-operating with Operational activities as well as Network growth can be quite cumbersome.

Hudehtech’s premium audit service comprises of a full Network and Security profile check by our in-house technology experts to validate the following key parameters:

  • Documentation verification
  • Roadmap/Technology Compliance
  • Best Practice Validation.

Wireless Networks Solutions

Hudehtech Wireless networks is  here to Help and Support your Business with Enterprise Wireless solutions

Wireless Networks Solutions

With the world going wireless, the technology has opened the doors to a newer level of communications. It gives you the comfort of streaming information and to have the access; be it movies or music from the system to use it anywhere. Thanks To the wireless technologies. As the wireless technology is quickly developing and most of us depend on the wireless application one way or the other, the impact it creates in our lives is outstanding.​

Hudehtech Solutions is a proven leader in Building, Integrating and Maintaining Wireless Networks, Data/Voice/IT Networks for ISP, Commercial and residential facilities.

Operating a world-class service, Hudehtech can plan, design, deploy, manage, and maintain your network or facility operations, leaving you free to do what you do best – focus on your customers.

Hudehtech Deployment team members have managed over 100 major clients throughout Nigeria. Expertise in Microwave, Fiber Optics, Data/IT Systems, and Structured Network Cabling are just a few of the company’s credits We deliver a high level of knowledge and competence for a full range of services.including;

Get in touch with us for :

  • Wireless site surveys,
  • Feasibility studies,Spectrum analysis,
  • Microwave path calculations,
  • Wireless installation,
  • Preventative maintenance programs,
  • Troubleshooting and monitoring of wireless networks.
  • Wireless Network Equipment Supply

Hudehtech is an experienced integrator of wireless network technology and complete end-to-end wireless solutions. We provide a full range of

  • Point to point wireless equipment
  • point to multipoint wireless bridges,
  • WiMax backhaul,
  • wireless repeaters,
  • indoor and outdoor Access Points
  • municipal Wi-Fi products and services.

Structured Cabling and Networking solutions

Structured Cabling Kenya

Structured Cabling and Networking solutions

As one of the recommended installers of Structured Cabling and Networking  Solutions, Hudehtech uses the best network products to give you the best infrastructure at a price where the highest quality and a considerable price tag.

Whether it’s voice, data, video or security, information is increasingly critical to the productivity and performance of an organization. But the quality of information flow can be no better than the conduit carrying it — the cabling system.

We provide professional structured cabling and network wiring services in Charlottetown. We can lay the groundwork for a fast, reliable network to ensure you have no issues with connectivity or data speeds.

Hudehtech Structured Cabling and Networking solutions.

Our Cabling delivers the following benefits:

  • Improve system uptime
  • Reduce service and maintenance costs
  • Support future growth plans: with beyond 10Gb/s Performance
  • The lower total cost of ownership

Server Installation Migration Upgrades & Maintenance

Our technicians are experienced with Server Installation Migration Upgrades & Maintenance

Data Centre Kenya

The Best Providers of Data Center Solutions in Kenya

Hudehtech Limited offers Server Installation Migration Upgrades & Maintenance services for businesses. We can perform a server evaluation, quote a customized solution, and then implement an onsite server, virtual server, or cluster of virtual servers on a physical server – whichever best suites your business needs.

Whether you are looking to setup a File and Print Server, Database Server, Email or Microsoft Exchange Server we can help! Our Server Team will help get you started.
Hudehtech works with businesses in Nigeria to help them build quality streamlined and scalable IT Infrastructure.  We build simplified management and streamlined operations that are flexibility and interoperability with a programmable infrastructure built on open standards.
Our data network solutions will help you have high-speed internet use, data explosion, cloud-based services, and the internet. Our centralized data Centre approach uses a more structured way to organize cabling, power, cooling, environmental controls using racks, containment and overhead trays and duct
Our Team will assist you with

  • Microsoft and Linux Server Installation Services
  • Server Upgrade Services
  • Active Directory Installation, Configuration, and Consulting
  • Server Security management “Encryption, Permissions” Server Updates and Patch Management
  • Server Disaster Recovery Planning and Performing
  • Server Alerts and Events Monitoring
  • Business Application Installation and setup
  • Server and Database Migration
  • Server Hardware and Software Upgrades
  • Server Management Plans

Enterprise Network Design & Management

Enterprise Network Design & Management.

Enterprise Network Design & Management of modern data centers poses several challenges: Including limited IT budgets,  Security, scalability, and Availability. The changing landscape of technology coupled with the daily administration tasks and remediation requirements of physical server infrastructures can hinder companies in their ability to grow their IT environments to meet the needs of their business . Hudehtech offers Enterprise Network Design & Management to help you manage you IT infrastructure

Enterprise Network Design & Management

Enterprise Network Design

Your network is your lifeline to your business, school, hospital or enterprise.   Choosing Hudehtech gives you the industry’s best hardware with our best in class Network Support, auditing and security services.

We offer a wide range of networking services, including comprehensive assessment, design, deployment and post implementation support. Network architecture development for wired and wireless networks, migrations, upgrades Analysis using the latest discovery tools Core to the edge Switches, 1G, 10G, PoE Firewalls from Barracuda and Fortinet Wireless architecture, feasibility study, installation, tuning and support Network management software tools

Network Analysis and Assessment

Our team of certified specialists will analyze and document your network’s security, reliability and performance which allows you to make informed decisions critical to your company’s success. Complete Network and Bandwidth Analysis VPN and Remote access testing and review Open port testing and analysis Assessment of upgrades, migration plans or complete network replacements Network mapping and topology analysis and documentation Network Discovery which can uncover unauthorized users and services.

Fibre Optic Installation

Our technicians are experienced in Fiber Optic solutions & Installation

Fibre Optic Installation by Hudehtech Fibre optic

Fibre Optic Cabling is  becoming the preferred the industry standard for fast  amounts of data quickly and over long distances without any latency involved. Hubtech Fibre optic kenya has worked on multiple Fibre Optic Cabling solutions in Nigeria and West Africa for our clients.  As a result of this, we have gained vast experience in both single and multi-mode Fibre installations.

Hudehtech is able to install and terminate Fibre Optic Cabling including light crimp termination, fusion splicing for pigtail ends and most importantly core repairs.  Furthermore, our personnel is also able to dig in and install full blown tube installations.

We are able to provide full Tier-2 certification of Fibre Optic Networks either for cabling done by us, or existing installations. As a result of our investments in our diagnostics and testing tools, we can provide full detailed reports generated for clients approval.

  • Data Network Installation & Wiring

  • Coax Cabling

  • Green Data Cabling

  • Plenum Cabling

  • Audio / Video Cabling

  • Design of Network Cabling

  • Structured Cabling Design

  • Structured Cabling

  • Implementation

  • Project Management